​Below are just some of the evaluations and experiments used to develop this system ...

The Jams are my initial "QA Tests" of the various Controllers and Instruments and I think are what show best how they can be used.  The Experiments are just some examples of things I tried while developing the system and ideas on what the overall plan, products and services would be.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Assist Music Systems, LLC

Jam #1 - Foot Pedals and "Small Metal Box" used to play Take Me To The River.  These are Minimal Motion Controllers.

Jam #2 - Voice Controlled Modular Synth and Game Controller play Moon Dance.  Voice and Minimal Motion 1 hand Controller.

Jam #3 - Voice Processor Modular and "Big Stick" used to play Peter Gunn.  Voice and Coarse Motion 1 hand Controller.

Jam #4 - Example of EveryBody Jams.  Standard and Custom instruments jamming and recording together.

Jam #5 - Voice and Breathe Contoller Jam with single hand percussion.  Affordable solutions.