Assist Music Systems provides Products and Services to support Therapists, Individuals and Clinics.  Our focus is on assisting those with disabilities to play and record music.                                                         

Assist Music Systems Music instruments For The Disabled

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Assist Music Systems, LLC

Services to assist therapists and individuals directly include:

  • Matching common musical instruments played in unique ways and/or custom instrument controllers to an individual’s unique needs.
  • Designing custom instrument controllers for an individual's unique needs.
  • Customized music lessons and instructional materials for common musical instruments played in unique ways and/or custom instrument controllers.
  • Assisting therapist in developing Active Therapy Programs that leverage common musical instruments played in unique ways and/or custom instrument controllers.
  • Configuration, setup and fitting of custom instrument controllers where needed.
  • Support for Group Introductory Sessions to introduce folks with disabilities to the various options available and to participate in an initial group Jam.
  • Support for ongoing Group Jams and Group Lessons.
  • Support for Group Recording Sessions.
  • Assistance with using computer software for tasks such as recording (DAWs), interactive jamming (programs such as Band in a Box), and musical composition including algorithmic composition.
  • Custom compositions and song arrangements for groups consisting of individuals with varying and unique capabilities and abilities.  EveryBody Jams.
  • Selection and purchasing of the various instruments, software and other devices required at competitive prices.
  • Remote audio and video recording.

Services to support therapists and clinics in providing their services:

  • Training and support for computer based recording (DAWs), interactive performance (Band in a Box) or compositional software and musical systems including MIDI equipment.
  • Training therapists on how to use our system to design unique Custom Controllers to meet an individual’s specific needs.
  • Supporting groups in live and practice performances.
  • Coaching, because sometimes this stuff gets challenging and even frustrating.

Services we don’t provide:

  • Computer repair or IT/Network support.  I can make a computer stand on its head and sing if we need it to, but I can’t fix it if it’s broken.
  • ​Custom software development.